Master Chim's VioPrep 101

Is Your Tribe Safer With You There?

Fortune favors the Prepared. So does Violence.

October 7 | Bronx, NY


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What is VioPrep 101?

The VioPrep™ Program was developed by Justin "Master Chim" Garcia originally to serve as a "next step" for his MMA academy students in the Bronx. Based on the experience collected through hundreds of violent engagements on the streets of the Bronx, and empowered by over 20 years of martial arts knowledge and expertise, the VioPrep™ program aims to enhance awareness and equip practical violent means with which students can become more powerful protectors of both family and self.

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Why VioPrep™ 101?

  • Follows the W.I.T. Method™ of Conflict Design
  • Designed for the Civilian
  • Caters to "Non-Permissive" Environments
  • Non-Attribute Based Approach
  • Realistic Weapon Applications
  • Based on Real World Experience
  • Adresses 3rd Party Protection Scenarios
  • Dissects Practical EDC Formulas and Design
  • Equips Student with a Curriculum to Follow Post-Seminar
  • Appropriate for Youth Students
  • Created by REAL Violence Instructors from a Non-LEO Perspective
  • All Attendees will receive an Official VioPrep™ 101 Completion Certification

Who is Justin "Master Chim" Garcia?

"I'm not a fan of self-defense. I'm a fan of reminding others why f*cking with you was a bad idea." ~Master Chim

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Master Chim

Fouder of Jungle Gym Martial Arts

Host of The Pressure Project Podcast

Creator of

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt since 2007

Former Professional MMA Fighter

SME for Sayoc Tactical Group



Arrival and Welcome


Intro to the W.I.T. Method


Forging the Tools  

1200 - 1300 



Building a Better Machine


Ground Concepts 


Force Multipliers


Crowd Control (Multiple Attackers)


Review and Q&A

VioPrep Location

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this year’s event.

  • Address: 2100 Westchester Ave Bronx, NY 10462
  • Phone: 1 (718) 684-5138
  • Email:

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