Master Chim presents...


May 12th, 2018, I will be hosting the next VioPrep 101 Combatives Seminar, and will include my new Ground W.A.R. System, THE next evolution of blade-driven grappling!  

The event will run from 9am to 4pm.  


We will be in my academy in the Bronx, Jungle Gym Martial Arts:  

2100 Westchester Ave  

Bronx, NY 10462  

Any hotel in NYC will be within an hour of train/uber/driving travel.  


The cost of the event will be:  

ONLY $399!


This seminar is open to all Men Women, and Young Adults (13yrs +). No experience is necessary.  

As for Me, for those who are not aware of my background, here are some "creds":  

-BJJ Black Belt for over 10 years -Former, undefeated Pro MMA Fighter -Trained in Sayoc Kali, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Firearms -Founder of Jungle Gym Martial Arts in 2002 -Trainer of over 30 amateur/pro MMA fighters with a +70% win rate -Creator of VioPrep, Study Violence, and Junior Bushido -SME for Sayoc Tactical Group -Over 200 street fights  


VioPrep was created to combine the highest level of combative applications with the highest level of logically-driven awareness. I discovered that the combatives world was filled with many emotionally driven systems and instructors who are in love affairs with their area of expertise.  

If you go to a chiropractor, whether it's a back injury or problems with your marriage, he's going to adjust your spine. Similarly, when a "combatives expert" has never trained in all areas in which he's teaching, AND hasn't done the work necessary to kill his biases, as a student you're left with a "chiropractor looking to crack your back", rather than a mindset seeking to discover the most powerful solutions to practical combatives challenges.  

Similarly, my Ground W.A.R. system was designed to bridge the gap between high level grappling and blade technology. As an authority in both, I've created a system I feel will permeate every corner of the combatives world. This seminar will be the first time it's shown and taught to the public. 

 VioPrep 101: Ground W.A.R.


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